Panama, Legendary Hats (Classics) par Martine Buchet

Titre de livre: Panama, Legendary Hats (Classics)

Auteur: Martine Buchet

ISBN: 1614282250

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Panama, Legendary Hats (Classics) par Martine Buchet

Martine Buchet avec Panama, Legendary Hats (Classics)

Assouline is proud to announce the reissue of one of its earliest titles, the fascinating tale of the Panama hat, written by Martine Assouline. A symbol of classic elegance since the 19th century, the Panama has topped the heads of such greats as Roosevelt, Churchill, Napoleon, and the Duke of Windsor. This volume delves into the hat's remarkable history, production process, and variety of shapes, all while celebrating the grace of living of its country of origin: Ecuador. Panama: A Legendary Hat pays fitting tribute to the "aristocrat of the straw hats."

Martine Buchet, author of Assoulines La Colombe dOr: Saint Paul de Vence, traveled to Ecuador to research and discover the origins of the Panama hat.