Starting Out: The French por Byron Jacobs

Titulo del libro: Starting Out: The French

Autor: Byron Jacobs

Número de páginas: 176 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 1, 2003

ISBN: 1857442296

Editor: Everyman Chess

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Starting Out: The French por Byron Jacobs

Byron Jacobs con Starting Out: The French

These books are perfect for enthusiastic chess players who are starting out in the game, and who are seeking to understand the basic principles behind these most important openings: the Sicilian, the King's Indian, the Nimzo-Indian, and the French. All four books are written in a user-friendly style with an abundance of notes, tips, and warnings scattered throughout, while key strategies, ideas, and tactics for both sides are clearly illustrated. The authors of these books are all very skilled and experienced chess writers, who are used to writing for players of all levels and are renowned for their ability to explain ideas in a lucid and straightforward manner.
-- User-friendly design to help readers absorb ideas
-- Concentrates on the fundamental principles of the openings
-- Ideal for the improving player