Adieu, Maman por Paul Hornschemeier

Titulo del libro: Adieu, Maman

Autor: Paul Hornschemeier

Número de páginas: 108 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 6, 2018

ISBN: 2742753494

Editor: Actes Sud

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Adieu, Maman por Paul Hornschemeier

Paul Hornschemeier con Adieu, Maman

With his clean, distinctive art style and poignant storytelling, up-and-coming indie comics sensation Paul Hornschemeier has earned comparisons to and accolades from today's top graphic novelists. Mother, Come Home is Hornschemeier's graphic novel debut-the quietly stunning tale of a father and son struggling, by varying degrees of escapism and fantasy, to come to terms with the death of the family's mother. The story seamlessly weaves through the surreal and the painfully factual, guided by the careful, somber colors and inventive pacing unique to Hornschmeier's storytelling. Mother, Come Home extracts almost tangible drama from the most tranquil of moments, making that which is unspoken in each panel easily audible, and almost uncomfortably experienced.