Elio Fiorucci: Fashion Unfolds par Elio Fiorucci

Titre de livre: Elio Fiorucci: Fashion Unfolds

Auteur: Elio Fiorucci

Broché: 192 pages

Date de sortie: January 4, 2016

ISBN: 8867326562

Éditeur: Moleskine

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Elio Fiorucci: Fashion Unfolds par Elio Fiorucci

Elio Fiorucci avec Elio Fiorucci: Fashion Unfolds

Elio Fiorucci is not simply a stylist but rather an entire world an optimistic, adventurous, sexy, hyper-colourful world that helped upset the very idea of fashion, pushing its limits into heterogeneous contexts. He is a gentle revolutionary, a unique mixture of Walt Disney and Marco Polo, capable of anticipating trends, ready to stack the shelves of his cult stores with the spirit of the time, in an ironic and scintillating manner. From the late 1960s onwards, he has constantly found himself at the heart of current trends, from the hippie folk style to disco glam, from hip hop grafitti to environmentalist vintage. Through his creations, this book highlights the communicative aspect of his way of making fashion. The astonishing list of his collaborations includes names such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Madonna, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Oliviero Toscani, Antonio Lopez, Keith Haring, Ettore Sottsass, Archizoom, and John Cage.