[(Skateboard Breakdown )] [Author: Eric Fein] [Oct-2010] par Eric Fein

Titre de livre: [(Skateboard Breakdown )] [Author: Eric Fein] [Oct-2010]

Auteur: Eric Fein

Date de sortie: October 1, 2010

Éditeur: Stone Arch Books

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[(Skateboard Breakdown )] [Author: Eric Fein] [Oct-2010] par Eric Fein

Eric Fein avec [(Skateboard Breakdown )] [Author: Eric Fein] [Oct-2010]

Skateboard Breakdown Ty Taggart has always loved skating. But ever since his older brother, Nick, died in combat, Ty has been off his game. He skates recklessly and has lost all interest in the local skating tournament. But when Nick's best friend, Edwin, pays him a visit, Ty is able to reign in his anger and realize his true skating potential. In the finals, everyone is dazzled by Ty's slick, flashy tricks -- until he wipes out and breaks his board. Ty will have to pick up the pieces and reassemble his board overnight if he hopes to prevail.