Avalanche! by Girad Clacy (2005-05-31) par Girad Clacy

Titre de livre: Avalanche! by Girad Clacy (2005-05-31)

Auteur: Girad Clacy

Date de sortie: May 31, 2005

Éditeur: iUniverse

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Avalanche! by Girad Clacy (2005-05-31) par Girad Clacy

Girad Clacy avec Avalanche! by Girad Clacy (2005-05-31)

During the maiden run of Amtrak's newest, fastest and sleekest train, the Desert Wind encounters a force of nature so powerful it stops the train cold. High in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, extreme cold and high altitude are starting to take their toll on passengers and crew. The avalanche that buried the Desert Wind, like the City of San Francisco decades earlier in the Sierra Nevada's, is about to meets its match. The railroad industry learned a hard lesson with the rescue of the City of San Francisco. Now, with technology not even conceived of only a few decades earlier, Amtrak decides to put this technology to use. Join two couples, a female pair at the controls of the Desert Wind, struggling for survival and a male pair at the controls of a one-of-a-kind emergency rescue train. Two couples, one destiny; unconditional love knows no boundaries. Book reviews: "This book gets two thumbs up. Excellent flowing storyline with action, suspense and romance all rolled into one." --Heidi Dukes, Colorado Springs, Colorado.