Chateaus of the Loire (Europe Travel) (English Edition) por Brian Lawrenson

Titulo del libro: Chateaus of the Loire (Europe Travel) (English Edition)

Autor: Brian Lawrenson

Número de páginas: 65 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 2, 2017

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Chateaus of the Loire (Europe Travel) (English Edition) por Brian Lawrenson

Brian Lawrenson con Chateaus of the Loire (Europe Travel) (English Edition)

The Loire Valley, in the middle of France, is home to over 300 mansions, which in English is called Chateaus and in French Chateaux. Many of these were the haunts of royalty, Kings and Queens and their advisors. For three centuries they built the most magnificent castles and furnished them with a great deal of extravagance. The spectacles didn't end there, it extended to the most stunning gardens. Many of the castles were hunting lodges set in the forests that were abundant in the region. The owners of these stately homes have decorated them to excess and in places over a cup of coffee, we got to sample these excesses.
This is the story of a couples visit to the Chateaus of the Loire. We didn't see all of them but we chose eight of the most popular to visit. Each has a history and in many cases the owners and residents had a traumatic lives. The rivalries and the parties were legendary. This is what we'd come to see and understand. The chateaus that were open to the public just gave a slither of a view of their often complex and in some cases tragic lives. Add a little French wine, the spectacular scenery and the French passion for food allows us to take on this fabulous experience. Come join us as we travel the Loire. This is a travel book that you will enjoy.