Mamluk (Hospitaller Saga #2) par J.K. Swift

Titre de livre: Mamluk (Hospitaller Saga #2)

Auteur: J.K. Swift

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Mamluk (Hospitaller Saga #2) par J.K. Swift

J.K. Swift avec Mamluk (Hospitaller Saga #2)

Only the port city of Acre remains in the hands of the Crusaders. The boys in Brother Foulques de Villaret’s Hospitaller Army of Children are approaching manhood, but their training is far from complete. Foulques needs more time. The Hospitallers, Templars, and Teutonics all need more time. Before preparations can be made, the Mamluks are at the gates of Acre. And in their midst, is a man Foulques knows only too well: a terrifying Mamluk warrior named Badru Hashim, the Northman.