Motorcycle (English Edition) por Noland Drake

Titulo del libro: Motorcycle (English Edition)

Autor: Noland Drake

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 5, 2018

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Motorcycle (English Edition) por Noland Drake

Noland Drake con Motorcycle (English Edition)

NINE YEARS AGO in a post-match interview, tennis ace Roger Federer
revealed he drew inspiration from Valentino Rossi. He’d just won the
Wimbledon Grand Slam final against Scotsman Andy Murray and
said during the low points of the match he looked toward other great
sportsmen to fi nd the drive he required to eventually win the match.
He was 30 years old.
“I drew a lot of inspiration from other great athletes in other sports –
Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Valentino Rossi,” he said.
“They inspire me to keep pushing further. You know, not
just being happy with world number one or with a
Grand Slam title, but to reach for more.
“Obviously, I have to drive myself, but you
sometimes need to see someone else do it so
you feel that it is actually possible.”
The pair of old goats have always had a
very high and mutual respect for one another.
Federer and his now wife Mirka attended
the 2008 Portuguese Grand Prix and Roger
was invited into the secret world of Rossi’s
motorhome. Rossi himself has often been
spotted in the front-row seats reserved for the
Federer camp in tennis arenas around the world.
But when Roger Federer won his 20th Grand Slam
title in Melbourne Park on Sunday evening just gone,
Valentino Rossi would have taken particular interest
and, fans of the nine-time world champ can only hope, drawn
enormous inspiration.
Federer won the first of his 96 career titles when he claimed the 2001
Hopman Cup, and some 17 years later he picks up his most recent. There
was 128 men entered in the 2018 Australian Open and the ageless Roger
Federer won every match in straight sets to reach his record-setting 30th
major final. He is well over 36 years of age and was quickly written off
by many just a few short years ago, as younger, stronger players began
making their mark on the tour. Sound familiar?
But like Valentino Rossi, his deep passion for the sport and his
unwavering drive to continually better himself in a changing landscape
that’s becoming increasingly competitve is second to none.
And maybe, like Federer, Rossi needed to see someone else do it so he
feels that it is actually possible. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.
Oh, and don’t worry. Dobie’s back next issue, so please forward all
complaints to him.