Reaper (Alex King Book 5) (English Edition) par A P BATEMAN

Titre de livre: Reaper (Alex King Book 5) (English Edition)


Broché: 449 pages

Date de sortie: May 16, 2018

Éditeur: Rockhopper

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Reaper (Alex King Book 5) (English Edition) par A P BATEMAN

A P BATEMAN avec Reaper (Alex King Book 5) (English Edition)

The most callous and resourceful woman imaginable has escaped the net. MI5 agent Alex King shut down her venture, exposed her as a murderer and an international criminal. And now she has the woman he loves.
Her freedom comes at a price. But a man with King’s skills can prove invaluable. His enemy knows the inner workings of the Russian mafia, and now she has a man who can shut them down for her while she takes over their syndicates. A man with no choice but to do her dirty work.
King takes on the most ruthless men imaginable. But he discovers enough about his tormentor and the secrets hidden in her past to take the fight to her.
From tranquil Sweden, to the forests of France, the hills of Tuscany and the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, King fights hard to keep his fiancée alive and buy enough time to turn the tables on her captor.